Saturday, October 5, 2019

The Dilemma of Selecting a Suitable Recipient Case Study

The Dilemma of Selecting a Suitable Recipient - Case Study Example The 2 million-dollar donation of Dr. Jonathan Doe will greatly benefit the hospital. It will improve the facilities of the hospital and increase the scope of research on the cause and treatment of different illnesses. Thus, it will enable the hospital to respond to the needs of a greater number of patients. In addition, it is expected that more patients will be given appropriate treatment and medications if I conduct a heart transplant to Lisa. However, my decision to conduct a heart transplant to Lisa denies Jerry and Ozzie of the chance of survival. The three children of Jerry aged 14, 16 and 19 will be denied by a provider and a father. However, they may receive monthly support from the death insurance and pension of their father. Two of Jerry’s children can still avail financial support from his pension, while all of them can survive through his insurance. In addition, there is still a higher likelihood that Joanie can find a job or start a business through the insurance that she will receive after Jerry’s death. This justifies my decision to conduct heart transplant to Lisa instead of Jerry. The heart transplant to Lisa also denies the youth of knowledge and experience possessed by Ozzie in overcoming substance problems. He has agreed to serve as a counselor-mentor for a year in a particular organization if he gets the heart transplant. Undeniably, this will benefit a great number of youth who are confronted with drug and alcohol problems. This number is incomparable to the patients that will be benefited if Dr. Jonathan Doe donated 2 million dollars to the hospital. In addition, there is no assurance that Ozzie will be effective as a counselor-mentor in inducing change among the youth. Thus, it makes it reasonable to undertake heart transplant to Lisa rather than to Ozzie.

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