Thursday, October 17, 2019

Deforestation Crisis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Deforestation Crisis - Essay Example However, money has influenced activities that lead to deforestation. In the US landowners are lured by the money generated from logging. They have sold forested acres to logging companies and developers aim at building housing complexes to form urban sprawl. Kenya is a periphery country, which according to world’s system theory, may be controlled by other states and has the weak central government. Just like other periphery countries, it depends on and exports raw materials to the superior states known as the core countries. However, Kenya suffers from deforestation just like the US. Over 100,000 hectares of its largest Mau forest is a victim of deforestation. The largest driver of deforestation in the region is the growing demand for construction timber due to infrastructural development in the country. However, factors like the need for charcoal fuel, expanding farming land and demand for settlement have also contributed to the deforestation in Kenya (Spilsbury 12). Kenya an d United State of America have correspondingly taken steps to help restrain the issue of deforestation. For instance, both governments have passed strict rules regulating the harvesting of trees in the forest and tough penalties for those who disobey the rules (Spilsbury 32). Similarly, the non-governmental organizations have also joined in the fight to curb deforestation in the two countries. The Green Belt Movement founded by the Nobel Prize winner Wangari Mathai has played a huge part in reducing deforestation of the Mau forest in Kenya.

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