Sunday, October 6, 2019

Implementing a GIS System and GPS training in rural Belize Research Paper

Implementing a GIS System and GPS training in rural Belize - Research Paper Example The area is least developed and it consists of some of the most attractive tourists sites including cave networks, a wide range of cultures including that of the early civilization Maya and beautiful lowland plains. Fishing is also a key economic activity in the region and fishermen normally make use of their traditional dugout canoes for fly fishing and catching seasonal lobsters. Besides tourism and fishing, the Toledo District also gains its prominence from small scale agriculture due to the influence of the settlers from the US Confederate who introduced farming in the region. The economy in Toledo thus heavily relies on agriculture to ensure that the local people earn a living. Some of the crops that are popular among the farmers in Toledo include corn and beans. The farmers from the region also produce rice in large scale which is usually auctioned at the District’s Big Falls Rice Mill. The Toledo Cacao Association is similarly responsible for marketing the cacao product which is normally farmed organically. The most popular output that results from the cacao value addition chain is the Maya Gold chocolate brand. Cacao is such a popular crop in the Belize District and it’s celebrated during in a chocolate festival during the Toledo Cacao Festival. Besides rice, corn, beans and cacao, the farmers in Belize also grow additional crops such as hot peppers, chili, sweet potato, yams, coffee, plantain and oranges. Just like it is the norm in variant rural districts in southern and Central America, Toledo has reserved market days at its capital P unta Gorda where the farm produce is sold. The market days include Saturday, Friday, Wednesday and Monday. Agriculture and transportation are complementary in nature and it is imperative to also identify ways through which the GIP and GPS technologies can be used to further enhance the complementary nature of the two economic activities. Complementarity in agriculture and

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