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Sample of a Process Essay

Test of a Process EssayThe test of a procedure exposition is a paper that is written in an article design. It is composed to show an example of the correct approach to something. Numerous individuals cause this sort of exposition when they to need to keep in touch with one for school or work. For instance, on the off chance that you are an educator and need to compose a paper on a specific subject that you are managing, at that point this would be the example of a procedure article that you could use to assist you with composing your paper.A procedure exposition is composed to show an understudy how to accomplish something great. For instance, on the off chance that you are encouraging a class in science and you have to disclose to the understudies what the entirety of the components are, at that point this is the sort of exposition that you could use to assist you with composing your procedure paper. You can discover an example of a procedure article on the web. This would be ideal to scan for a work from home school composing administration that has tests of a procedure essay.Using a decent procedure paper is significant for any sort of scholarly composition. It is anything but difficult to recollect and type, since it is anything but difficult to see everything that you will be clarifying in the exposition. It is likewise simple to do when you have numerous different sorts of assignments. For instance, on the off chance that you need to do a few research papers you can type every one of them up and afterward send them out to various students.Many individuals are finding that they don't have the opportunity to do the things that they used to. At the point when you have a paper that you need to do, at that point you will find that you can gain so much from the procedure exposition that you compose. In the event that you need to have the option to work superbly in your scholastic composing then you should investigate this choice of composing a procedure essay.A process article is an exposition that is composed to show an example of the correct approach to something. Numerous individuals cause this sort of exposition when they to need to keep in touch with one for school or work. For instance, in the event that you are an educator and need to compose a paper on a specific subject that you are managing, at that point this would be the example of a procedure exposition that you could use to assist you with composing your paper. You can discover an example of a procedure article online.A process exposition is composed to show an understudy how to accomplish something admirably. For instance, on the off chance that you are training a class in science and you have to disclose to the understudies what the entirety of the components are, at that point this is the sort of article that you could use to assist you with composing your paper. You can discover an example of a procedure exposition on the web. This would be ideal to look for a work from home school composing administration that has tests of a procedure essay.A process paper is composed to show an example of the best possible approach to something. Numerous individuals cause this sort of exposition when they to need to keep in touch with one for school or work. For instance, in the event that you are an instructor and need to compose a paper on a specific subject that you are managing, at that point this is the sort of exposition that you could use to assist you with composing your paper. You can discover an example of a procedure exposition online.Writing an example of a procedure article is a path for individuals to tell themselves the best way to make an examination paper much simpler for them. It is anything but difficult to recall and type, since it is anything but difficult to see everything that you will be clarifying in the paper. It is likewise simple to do when you have numerous different kinds of assignments.

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Getting the Best Remembering Someone Who Passed Essay Samples

<h1> Getting the Best Remembering Someone Who Passed Essay Samples </h1> <p>My father consistently has the decision to discover right words and offer conventional guidance. He was a heavenly spouse, a considerably more noteworthy dad, a generally excellent supplier and a perky granddad. The commendation supplies you with an opportunity to set a grin on the substance of loved ones. She set the delineation of what an excellent spouse, mother and companion should be. </p> <p>It isn't generally easy to communicate compassion recorded as a hard copy, in this way a sympathy letter should be composed cautiously and attentively. Try not to endeavor to create the tribute in the request you will give it. The biographic commendation is basically a memoir of the expired person. This is a careful commendation of the person's life. </p> <p>This article will educate you about my dad who's incredible for me. An account exposition is a paper where you recount to a mind-blowing narrative. </p> <p>You may look elsewhere (perhaps through the room) or no one explicitly. This room includes the most pined for table in the territory. The absolute first room, through the entryway, is the chief segment of the eatery. </p> <p>It is something which ought to be drawn closer with a level of alert and affectability. You will be appreciative you did. Realize you don't have to comprehend to have the option to be a steady nearness. </p> <h2>Getting the Best Remembering Someone Who Passed Essay Samples </h2> <p>At the beginning of the game, the client creates an anecdotal character, and redoes its physical look. This year has been so hard for me, and a ton has occurred, however I realize you've guided me in the right bearing. In case you're mentioned to peruse a discourse at a memorial service it's an enormous respect. Bring a printed duplicate It isn't basic to retain the discourse. </p> <p>A d iscourse in pdf for tribute additionally raises the comprehension of the crowd on the point by giving them intriguing data which isn't yet known. The absolute best activity when there are simply such huge numbers of subtleties that you need to place in your commendation is that you have in any case a piece of clear paper, conceptualize, list all the thing you have to incorporate, and in the wake of doing this, pick at least five things from your rundown which you would need to spend the absolute first draft of your tribute. Try not to be frightened to uncover feeling The most significant plan to recollect while conveying a commendation is to not be terrified to exhibit feeling. There's no right or wrong intends to create a commendation, yet every tribute has a basic stream. </p> <p>This is an incredibly enthusiastic and individual way to deal with incorporate closest and dearest in your service. This is especially reasonable in case you're in a surge and you don't have a ny intimation what things to place in your message to proclaim your help and loss. Extra there's so much data that you might want to impart to the individuals going to the burial service. Isolate and segregation were some of the measures taken. </p> <p>It reminds the youngster that it isn't no-no to talk about the expired. It may be that you adored a grandparent particularly when you were a child, yet it doesn't consequently imply that you knew the person in question as a person. A few kids wish to talk about the demise, while some need to get left alone. Get the opportunity to comprehend a dispossessed parent. </p> <h2> The Appeal of Remembering Someone Who Passed Essay Samples</h2> <p>Just remember that there aren't any severe principles to follow with respect to composing tributes. Different journalists will have changing sentiments and information about your favored individual, along these lines it's optimal to peruse a wide cluster of sources . Your layout can assist you with sorting out the information you accumulated during your exploration while you figure which thoughts to remember for every individual section. Also, it can help give a compact foundation on how you knew the perished. </p>

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Social Problem Solution Essay Topics

Social Problem Solution Essay TopicsWith the help of an essay writing service, students can choose among a wide variety of social problem solution essay topics. These essay topics cover a variety of subjects such as AIDS, poverty, and child poverty. As a result, it is possible to write an essay on any one of these topics with a clear outline. The student will be able to get his or her topic written quickly and effectively.There are numerous social problem solutions for students to choose from. Each of the topics offered by a great number of essay writing services can provide a unique way to learn about certain issues. Students should check with a service to see what topics they offer. This will enable them to write effective essays that allow them to make connections between different aspects of life.The human tragedies being caused by AIDS and poverty are certainly horrible. These causes make it difficult for people to enjoy their lives fully. However, many students find that the pr oblems they face in their lives have very little to do with work, relationships, and other things that most people consider to be outside of their control. Therefore, they cannot feel happy when faced with the hardships that they face each day.Some problems, such as children living in poverty, come from an individual from making poor choices. Others, such as HIV and AIDS, stem from medical issues. People must make the choice to take advantage of the great benefits of modern medicine. The American Medical Association has been working to provide access to the latest treatments.Problems are never just problems without some sort of cause. In a way, the problem must be fixed to resolve the situation. In order to determine the cause of a social problem, a student should check with the service he or she has chosen to work with.One problem is to figure out how to pay for treatment when it is needed. The most common way to handle this problem is through insurance. Therefore, many students tu rn to the insurance industry to find a solution to the problem.Another problem is that a person will not even know that he or she has a problem until it is too late. In a lot of cases, it is not until a person is in the later stages of life that he or she realizes that they are dealing with a problem. Therefore, many people find themselves faced with the problem of overpopulation. Luckily, there are a number of solutions to solve this problem.With the help of a service, students can choose among a wide variety of social problem solution essay topics. Additionally, students can write their topics quickly and effectively. As a result, they can ensure that their problems are addressed quickly and effectively.

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Research Paper Topics That Fathers and Son Can Write About

Research Paper Topics That Fathers and Son Can Write AboutResearch paper topics that fathers and son can write about can help you become a more well-rounded person. I remember my father telling me that he had to finish his degree before he could be at ease around women, but now he has gone back to school and is still a bachelor. He thinks this is a great blessing, but it did not take much time before he was spending most of his time with his son. It's not all bad though because there are some things he has learned from watching my younger brother grow up.My father has always been a very good job. He is always willing to help out with any household chores that need doing. Of course, he was the one who was in charge of earning the money in the family so he never had to worry about earning any. For him, family and friends were the most important thing in life. If you ask him why he does not have a college degree, he will tell you it's because he wants to see the fruits of his labor.But on the other hand, my father's looks can sometimes overshadow his skills as a father. Most of us fathers grow up being told that we will go far and that if we only work hard enough, we will achieve success in life. However, it's not always the case and my father is currently going through a phase where he wants to prove himself that he is capable of earning a degree.One of the research paper topics that fathers and son can write about is how to be a better father. It can be difficult to grow up in a family where it seems everybody else is working but you. You're forced to take care of your mother and your younger siblings just to make ends meet. This is probably one of the toughest subjects that fathers and sons have to write about.As a father, it's really not your fault. There are times when your actions reflect your character. This is why it's important for you to learn from the mistakes of your predecessors and be better. In many cases, this can be achieved by having your elder s on help you out. He can help you manage finances, put together your budget, help you manage your time, and watch over your kids.Another research paper topics that fathers and son can write about is how to be a better husband. Yes, even in today's world, there are still spouses who would prefer to be married to their partners who already have a college degree. The funny thing is that this is something that just came about through an accident. However, it just shows how guys can be really selfish sometimes. So, you have to be very careful and take a different approach to your relationship with your spouse if you want to make her fall in love with you.One of the research paper topics that fathers and son can write about is how to be a better parent. After all, you should not forget the fact that you're your son's father. So, you should not let yourself get distracted from doing your job as a father.It's a good thing that the information age is making things easier for dads these days. Thanks to the internet, finding research paper topics that fathers and son can write about has become quite easy. All you have to do is open up a good search engine, type in 'fathers and son'research paper topics fathers and son' and you will find several sites dedicated to teaching fathers and son how to relate to their sons in a healthy manner. Of course, you should always remember to be yourself and to be the best dad that you can be.

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Absolute Beginner English There Is, There Are

Building on the new vocabulary students have just learned, you can introduce there is and there are. You will need some more images, some of these images should have a number of the same item in order to practice both the single and plural form. Part I Teacher: Is there a car in this picture? Yes, there is a car in that picture. Is there a book in this picture? No, there isnt a book in that picture. (Model the difference between the question and answer by accenting is there in the question and there is in the response. ) Teacher: Is there a computer in this picture? Student(s): Yes, there is a computer in that picture. Teacher: Is there a computer in this picture? Student(s): No, there isnt a computer in that picture. Continue this exercise with the everyday objects images you have brought into class. Alternate these objects with objects in the classroom that they have already learned so that you can reinforce the difference between this and that. Part II: Are There Four... There Are Four... Teacher: Are there three cars in this picture? Yes, there are four cars in that picture. Are there two books in this picture? No, there arent two books in that picture. (Model the difference between the question and answer by accenting are there in the question and there are in the response. It is very important that you use specific numbers at this point as students are not yet familiar with some and any) Teacher: Are there four people in this picture? Student(s): Yes, there are four people in that picture. Teacher: Are there three lamps in this picture? Student(s): No, there arent three lamps in that picture. Continue this exercise using the illustrations you have brought into class. Part III: Students Ask Questions Teacher: (Hand each student a different illustration.) Susan, please ask Paolo a question. Student(s): Is there a car in this picture? Student(s): Yes, there is a car in that picture. OR No, there isnt a car in that picture. Student(s): Are there three books in this picture? Student(s): Yes, there are three books in this picture. OR No, there arent three books in that picture. Continue this exercise around the class.

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Up in Arms About Writingservices?

<h1> Up in Arms About Writingservices?</h1> <h2>The Supreme Approach for Writingservices </h2> <p>You should give us data about exactly what the article requires, how soon you need this, and how much time it must be. In model, at our site, you can pick an exposition creator that is going to assist you with completing your task. This sort of paper doesn't request that you uncover your musings about this issue. Having an article that is elegantly composed is currently in your span. </p> <p>In respect to the rates, our association is at standard in offering serious costs. Should you need an exposition right now at a superb cost, there is reallyn't a superior organization to visit. One of without a doubt the most significant things the stars must have as an approach to put their best self forward on honorary pathway is a stunning grin. On the off chance that you haven't got the opportunity to attempt our administrations, reach to us now and be a piece of the composing administration which completes work at entirely moderate rates.</p> <h2>Why Almost Everything You've Learned About Writingservices Is Wrong </h2> <p>The neighbors were peaceful and I didn't have a lot of buddies. It may sound strange however it's a genuine workmanship to finding the methods for persuading others regarding something unlikely. Bunches of individuals don't care for their current occupation or vocation. </p> <p>Among the stunts isn't to choose a side before doing an examination study. Our essayists start by examining on the proposed investigation point to get new thoughts on how best to look into on it utilizing an alternate methodology from earlier scientists. It's a compact review of the of the examination work you intend to perform. </p> <p>Essay composing really is a procedure that permits understudies to fortify their exploration capacities. They're all local English speakers, and subsequently y ou don't need to be stressed over your article in any capacity. As opposed to looking for alternate ways like doling out the errand to web paper composing organizations, understudies will utilize apparatuses and applications that can be found on the web. You're not just an understudy. </p> <h2> What Is So Fascinating About Writingservices?</h2> <p>Your quality paper will be sent right to your email account. It must have caught your consideration from the absolute first page. Fill the buy structure with your request data and directions at a moment costs quote. You can accomplish this by using the 'reach us' structure on the site. </p> <p>At whenever you require auspicious and phenomenal composing support, rely on us We have built up a robotized on-line stage to permit all clients to buy altered papers without any problem. In the event that you might want to comprehend what a paper composing administration can accomplish for you, continue perusing t o locate a total summary of our master administrations. Our custom composing administration isn't unacceptable. We're a dependable composing administration and won't convey what you're ready to discover somewhere else. </p> <p>Total User Interface Our site's framework is incredibly easy to use, with programmed capacities to keep up an alleviating experience. We give the perfect substance creation benefits in the business. Thus, this site will educate all of you that you should know to make the right choice of a composing support and get the greatest result. </p> <h2> The One Thing to Do for Writingservices</h2> <p>To help you in getting your hand crafted thesis at negligible costs! U.S. residents living past the U.S. might be in a situation to have test expenses deferred. That is the motivation behind why we have section tests for all candidates who need to work for us all. They breeze through a few assessments along with give nitty gritty individual information, including records to show their degree of capability. </p> <h2> The Upside to Writingservices </h2> <p>It is our right to oblige premium quality in transit. You will be ready to set up your association's name in the perspective on your crowd. After you've done that, we will rate your requirements subject to the information you've sent us, at that point dole out an author to you. Instead of battling alone, you will go to an exposition administration that may take a couple of that duty off your shoulders.</p> <p>This one of the superpowers you might need to have. There is countless rationale games where one endeavors to demonstrate an insane thought to another person. We've served a few clients from various nations around the globe. </p> <p>It's not a mystery that every single task should be submitted dependably, on the off chance that you plan to discover any evaluation. Just as we'll advise you why. </p> <h2> Writingservices Secrets That No One Else Knows About</h2> <p>There aren't any additional charges. You're ready to secure an exposition written in as not many as three hours, and along these lines don't be frightened to get in contact on the off chance that you get a tight cutoff time. Putting your scholarly calling under peril is certainly not a keen decision. It's anything but difficult to utilize, and it will give you a statement on the cost after you've entered the points of interest of your task. </p>

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Tips to Write a CMCC College Latno Student Essay

<h1>Tips to Write a CMCC College Latno Student Essay</h1><p>How to compose a CMCC school Latno understudy exposition is simpler than you may might suspect. It isn't entirely different than composing some other understudy paper, however there are a few hints and proposals that may make the assignment easier.</p><p></p><p>First of all, on the off chance that you have never composed a CMCC Latno understudy exposition previously, you will most likely need a composing brief. The brief will be founded on an examination venture that you may as of now have done at CMCC and will require the composition of a paper on your discoveries or experiences.</p><p></p><p>Second, you should attempt to remain inside the rules. I'm not catching my meaning by these rules? A genuine model is be honest when expounding on your over a significant time span exercises at CMCC.</p><p></p><p>Third, be set up to part from the sequential request of occasions in the story. On the off chance that you don't feel that you can do this, you ought to presumably skip it and move onto another point.</p><p></p><p>Fourth, you have to set up your story for your peruser, and your peruser is the person who will decide whether your piece is sufficient to be distributed. As such, be innovative and recount to your story alright to stand out enough to be noticed and interest.</p><p></p><p>Writing a CMCC school Latno understudy article can be troublesome, however on the off chance that you follow the rules above, you will find that it very well may be a considerably less troublesome assignment. Keep in mind, regardless of how hard it might appear, there are individuals perusing your composition just because. Attempt to make it as fascinating as could reasonably be expected with the goal that they will end up being your readers.</p><p></p><p>Learning Eng lish at CMCC requires a colossal measure of information on English sentence structure and wording, however the final product is justified, despite all the trouble since you will find out about numerous parts of the English language. For whatever length of time that you are enthusiastic about learning English, you will succeed.</p>

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Homeless Essay Topics

<h1>Homeless Essay Topics</h1><p>Homeless paper subjects can be an incredible method to stand out enough to be noticed. It is critical for understudies to peruse the articles as they permit them to observe and encounter the life of those living in the city. Understudies are urged to peruse different articles managing issues like food, haven, and personal satisfaction issues.</p><p></p><p>Shelter is critical with regards to destitute exposition subjects. Understudies have the chance to connect with the writer of the article, similar to a genuine individual. The understudies find the opportunity to see an individual attempting to endure while likewise searching for the most ideal approach to escape from their conditions. It is additionally an extraordinary method to get understudies associated with the reason for the destitute as they can begin to find out about it themselves.</p><p></p><p>One of the primary parts of a d estitute paper subject is the food. They have to know how somebody figures out how to secure the fundamentals of endurance. The articles can concentrate on how individuals manage with the couple of dinners that they eat.</p><p></p><p>Shelter is fundamental for the destitute as they should keep themselves warm during the chilly evenings. At the point when the understudies meet a vagrant, they will find out about what it resembles to live in the city with no fixed abode.</p><p></p><p>The cover they are living in isn't fit for people. In any case, it is ideal for creatures. There are covers where pets can remain. This article can likewise incorporate the portrayal of what it resembles to live with no safe house at all.</p><p></p><p>While cover is unquestionably a solid subject, it very well may be deciphered in a few distinct manners. For instance, the understudies can discover cover by remaining with a companion o r relative. They can likewise remain with others, in light of the fact that there are covers available.</p><p></p><p>The asylum can likewise be the theme that manages the day to day environments and personal satisfaction of the destitute. The destitute are living in neediness. In any case, there are covers accessible where the destitute can live in comfort and safety.</p>

Expository Essay Topic Ideas

<h1>Expository Essay Topic Ideas</h1><p>There are a few unique kinds of themes that can be utilized as descriptive paper subject thoughts. The themes ought to be picked cautiously with the goal that it is conceivable to feature the primary concern of the exposition. An article can have at least one points, contingent upon the subject of the understudy's determination. When you have chosen a subject, you have to utilize the theme thoughts to improve your composing skills.</p><p></p><p>In request to make an informative article point thought, you first need to compose the exposition on paper. Prior to composing the exposition, you will need to accumulate all the data that you will require so as to comprehend the paper subject. When you have assembled the data, at that point you can start the procedure of research. An incredible method to do this is to ask your family, companions, and associates for thoughts on themes to remember for your paper. By gathering data about your subject, you will show signs of improvement thoughts and experience as well.</p><p></p><p>It is imperative to choose a theme from an interpretive article point thoughts in light of the fact that the point will be utilized all through the whole length of the exposition. Truth be told, most understudies will in general utilize a similar subject all through the whole article. So as to make a fruitful exposition, you should ensure that the subject is extraordinary. You additionally should utilize numerous approaches to inquire about the point. You can utilize various assets so as to discover more data. This incorporates, for example, the Internet, papers, books, and even through formal composed assignments.</p><p></p><p>The motivation behind looking into your exposition subject thoughts is to get a decent comprehension of the theme. This will permit you to turn out to be increasingly innovative as you utilize t he subject for your article. With this, you will have more thoughts with regards to making the article subject work. In any case, you should utilize a diagram or a to control you in your examination. Additionally, you ought to pick a subject that will be powerful in convincing the reader.</p><p></p><p>An article should have the option to catch the first thought of the author. You should utilize the thought in the most ideal manner conceivable. A few thoughts are acceptable however don't be able to move the peruser. Others are extraordinary however do exclude the necessary data so as to give the data that the paper ought to contain.</p><p></p><p>Once you have the thought, you can start to look into on the most proficient method to utilize the thought. It is essential to comprehend what the article is about. The thoughts that are remembered for the article will enable the peruser to relate the plan to their life. When you have the though t, you should have the option to make it work. You can start to build up your own style and improve your composing aptitudes. Also, you will have the option to introduce your thought in the most ideal manner possible.</p><p></p><p>There are numerous incredible explanatory paper theme thoughts that you can discover. When you have the thought, you will have the option to make your paper work.</p>

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Research Paper Topics on India - New Techniques For Writing Papers

<h1>Research Paper Topics on India - New Techniques For Writing Papers</h1><p>There are various purposes behind the choice of getting ready research paper subjects on India. You will right off the bat be searching for a point that will give you a knowledge into what is happening in India. The other bit of leeway of composing an examination paper on India is that you can utilize it as a strategy to assemble some valuable information.</p><p></p><p>If you are wanting to do some exploration on India, at that point you will as a matter of first importance need to get some answers concerning India. It very well may be done effectively with the assistance of Google. You should simply enter some inquiry terms in the expression 'India' and afterward click on 'Go'. The outcomes will be huge; you can even discover a lot of data. You will unquestionably become acquainted with about what is happening in India.</p><p></p><p>It is pr udent to attempt to discover some fundamental data about India. This will empower you to settle on a decent choice while composing your exploration paper. So you should have the option to discover what it is truly going on in India. To do this, you have to discover a ton of intriguing realities about India.</p><p></p><p>You can attempt to investigate online to discover more data about research paper subjects on India, yet there are different methods of doing this. One of these ways will be to direct a web search.</p><p></p><p>After you have discovered a couple of good sites in regards to explore papers on India, you can visit them and take as much time as necessary to get a vibe of the spot. On the off chance that you need more time to visit the sites without a moment's delay, at that point it is still better to leave a day, so you can make a great deal of good notes about India.</p><p></p><p>When you are compos ing your exploration paper subjects on India, it is significant that you don't make the theme excessively extensive. You should make it intriguing and important for the perusers, with the goal that they will come to peruse it.</p><p></p><p>This way, you can make your examination paper themes on India increasingly significant. You can generally utilize the data that you found about India, to improve the substance of your examination paper. In this manner, you will have the option to get a very much inquired about paper for your chose topic.</p>

The Requirements For a Successful APA Citation Example Paper

<h1>The Requirements For a Successful APA Citation Example Paper</h1><p>The APA (American Probate Lawyers Association) has set up a lot of necessities that must be met before the customer can present an APA reference model paper. Since the state bar relationship in each state may have its own novel prerequisites, it is imperative to comprehend the necessities to the furthest reaches conceivable preceding presenting the paper.</p><p></p><p>The principle prerequisites for a legal advisor to present an APA reference model paper are recorded underneath. To completely conform to the prerequisites that must be met, a legal counselor should meet these necessities inside a fourteen day time span. This implies so as to present the paper during this time, the customer must present the paper by the expressed deadline.</p><p></p><p>To guarantee consistence with the ABA prerequisites, the lawyer must sign the paper at the base of t he page. The legal advisors individual mark on the paper demonstrates the attorney has full comprehension of the necessities. The legal advisor must sign just a single time. There is no space for blunder with this step.</p><p></p><p>The legal advisor's office address must be recorded on the last page of the paper and any contact data for the legal advisor should likewise be recorded on the last page. On the off chance that the paper doesn't meet the above prerequisites, it is conceivable that the paper won't be accepted.</p><p></p><p>In expansion to a duplicate of the paper, a customer must present a proof of lawyer licensure. This will furnish the expert and the state with the important approval to process the paper. It is energetically prescribed that customers present their permit to guarantee that the paper is handled correctly.</p><p></p><p>Attorneys must hold fast to the rules of each state's Code of Profe ssional Responsibility. Lawyers who neglect to follow the rules might be dependent upon disciplinary activity from the state bar affiliation. Neglecting to hold fast to these rules may bring about a censure or renouncement of the license.</p><p></p><p>All papers submitted will be looked into by the state's permitting board to ensure that the APA Citation Example Paper meets the necessities. Each state will have their own arrangement of prerequisites to meet. This implies attorneys should consistently know about the particular necessities and meet them so as to effectively present the paper.</p><p></p><p>Attorneys are urged to present the paper electronically to rearrange the looking into process. In any case, there is no prerequisite to do as such. The fundamental thought is to adhere to the guidelines and guarantee that the prerequisites are met.</p>

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Twelfth Night Gender And Sexuality - 2101 Words

In Twelfth Night’, gender and sexuality in many ways add to the play’s themes of madness. Twelfth Night is a reflection of renaissance thought and culture, the renaissance was a transitional period from the medieval to the radical Elizabethan era. The culture of the time was a contradictory one, as from one aspect it was influenced by the patriarchal medieval time, where women were under the rule of men and seen as needing the protection of men, however, from another perspective, the culture was a changing one as women were starting to receive education and many humanists believed that women should be given more rights. The play reflects these attitudes and often challenges the social hierarchy and establishes ideas on gender roles, sexuality and cross-dressing. These factors indeed undermine the expectations of male and female behaviour, and in turn further the play s theme of madness which has a comedic effect on the audience due to the shock humour it provides. Cross-dressing in ‘Twelfth Night’ makes Viola s gender identity ambiguous, Viola is both a man and a woman, possessing both masculinity and femininity, therefore cross-dressing helps to break down renaissance gender stereotypes and eventually, the patriarchy. The original practice of ‘Twelfth Night’ was reconstructed in a 2012 globe production which replicated the way in which the play would ve been enacted in the Elizabethan era, by having an all-male cast. This added to the madness of theShow MoreRelatedShakespeare s Twelfth Night : Gift Exchange, Debt And The Early Modern Matrimonial Economy1321 Words   |  6 Pagesand gender identity became a more acceptable concept.However, even though it became acceptable once again in the twenty first century. Literature throughout the ages depicted different sexual orientation and gender identification. The play Twelfth Night made produced by William Shakespeare discusses the topics of sexuality during the early 17th century. The articles Gender Trouble in ‘Twelfth Night by Casey Charles agrees that the main central theme of this play is associated with gender identificationRead MoreTheme Of Homosexual Love In Twelfth Night1118 Words   |  5 PagesDepiction of Homosexual Love in Twelfth Night Romantic desire is struggle ingrained within William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, strained by the nature of homosexual love. The depths of human sexuality are explored in Twelfth Night through the relationships between Duke Orsino and Viola as Cesario, Olivia and Viola, and Sebastian and Antonio. Twelfth Night represents homoerotic love in both radical and conservative ways, while furthermore questioning the boundaries of gender and disguise depicted by theRead MoreOthello, By William Shakespeare1543 Words   |  7 Pagesutilizes the theme of disguise in countless plays, specifically in As you like it and Twelfth Night. Although many may postulate that he has disguised certain characters as the opposite gender solely for comedic purposes, the reason behind it is significantly deeper and complex. By disguising the actors as the opposite gender, also known as cross-dressing, Shakespeare introduces incipient views on femininity and sexuality, views that were unmentionable in the Elizabethan times. It’s virtually as if ShakespeareRead MoreTwelfth Night and Crossdressing1429 Words   |  6 PagesIgnorance The play Twelfth Night encapsulates what it meant to be a man and women throughout the 16th century. The roles of each gender were set in stone, and one could not publicly cross over under any circumstances. During Shakespearean times women were not even allowed to portray themselves on stage, men played their roles instead. In my opinion Shakespeare uses the play to show the hypocrisy of the status quo that held people from expressing their true identity. Twelfth Night demonstrates thatRead Moretwelfth night Essay952 Words   |  4 Pages Twelfth Night Essay While many will agree that Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is critically acclaimed to be one of the most entertaining and well-liked pieces that he has written, there tends to be a discrepancy over how the characters in the play are portrayed when it comes to the importance of gender roles. After reading James C Bulman’s article over the Globe’s more recent performance of Twelfth Night and Shakespeare’s original written version, I realized that there are many ways that this famousRead MoreTwelfth Night and Sexuality Essay1396 Words   |  6 PagesIgnorance The play Twelfth Night encapsulates what it meant to be a man and women throughout the 16th century. The roles of each gender were set in stone, and one could not publicly cross over under any circumstances. During Shakespearean times women were not even allowed to portray themselves on stage, men played their roles instead. In my opinion Shakespeare uses the play to show the hypocrisy of the status quo that held people from expressing their true identity. Twelfth Night demonstrates thatRead MoreHamlet And Twelfth Night Comparison Essay957 Words   |  4 Pagescomedies. Of them, Hamlet and Twelfth Night are perfect examples of both. A comparison between them could be of interest because their common points demonstrate that, however differing their genres are, Shakespeare’s plays essentially illustrate what it is to be human[1] . [2] Hamlet and Twelfth Night could both be compared through instances of body imagery, critical thought and social integration. In the first place, when it comes to body imagery in Hamlet and Twelfth Night, the first uses it as aRead MoreCompare And Contrast Hamlet And Twelfth Night1162 Words   |  5 PagesFrom Hilarity to Tragedy in Shakespeare: How Hamlet and Twelfth Night Compare By Zawadi Bunzigiye William Shakespeare wrote plays covering the breadth of human experience. They seem to have transcended the restraints of age because of the universal themes that they contain. His body of his work is comprised of genres of plays varying from tragedies to comedies. Of them, Hamlet and Twelfth Night are perfect examples of both. A comparison between them would be of interest because their common pointsRead MoreTwelfth Night By William Shakespeare1666 Words   |  7 PagesIn Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the main story told is of the battle between silliness (Feste, Maria, romance, pranks, and drama) and seriousness (Malvolio, dourness, rules, and stresses of life). One facet of this is gender – the main protagonist Viola presents as male for most of the play. Shakespeare, whether intentionally or not, has shown prime examples of projected identity based on sex, gender roles, and the power associated with each sex. These messages were revolutionary at the time, andRead Mo re Cross-Dressing in Shakespeares Twelfth Night and As You Like It1736 Words   |  7 PagesCross-Dressing in Shakespeares Twelfth Night and As You Like It In Shakespeares plays Twelfth Night and As You Like It both of the lead female characters dress as men. Both plays are comedies and the change in gender is used as a joke, but I think it goes much deeper. A woman can become a man, but only if it is not permanent. The affect of the change cannot be too great because she must change back to female once everything is settled. They are strong female characters, but must become

Sample of APA Cause and Effect Essay

Sample of APA Cause and Effect EssayA sample of APA cause and effect essay may be used to help students in their writing. This is a highly educational way to give your student practice with this type of essay. Many school districts offer this as part of the course that is offered.During these difficult times, when so many are being laid off and just about everything seems to be in a state of recession, the question has become more important. In this lesson you will find out what the term cause and effect' mean.'Cause and effect' basically state that something happens because of something else that causes another thing to happen. It is similar to the law of causality. If something happens, it leads to another thing to happen.Example: Someone did this to you and because of this something happens to you. You feel bad, and now you want to do something about this. This example of cause and effect is important in your course.Most people do not like to read essays. However, this type of ess ay is one of the best ways to help teach students to read and understand the essay and how to express themselves.It is important that you outline what you have to say first and then work on specific examples and related materials. Many schools offer this type of essay as part of the course requirements.A sample of this type of essay is very educational, but you need to make sure that you structure your essay the right way. You also need to spend some time in the class working on this type of essay. Your instructor will be able to help you with this.As a teacher, it is important to offer an easy way for students to learn. This easy way can be found in a class like APA cause and effect.

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A Fair Perspective on Term Papers on Arthritis

<h1> A Fair Perspective on Term Papers on Arthritis </h1> <h2> Who Else Wants to Learn About Term Papers on Arthritis? </h2> <p>Critique composing is entirely different from normal conventional composing styles and for an understudy it is amazingly essential to understand what an investigate paper really is. In the event that it's despite everything genuine that you were unable to compose fabulous articles, you can see totally free exposition papers on the web. By and by, the secret to a prosperous research paper is association. Despite the fact that composing an evaluate research paper may give you a troublesome time since it truly isn't the introduction of private articulation yet needs a thorough research of the subject you've picked. </p> <h2>What You Don't Know About Term Papers on Arthritis </h2> <p>The cost of an article relies on the amount of exertion the author needs to apply. Since Arthritis is generally something a man or lady may need to live with for their entire life the extremely long haul are one in exactly the same with the momentary impacts. A brilliant proposition explanation communicates your take or sentiment and your decision about this issue. Studies have uncovered that the individuals who record an objective have a 95% preferable possibility of accomplishing it over simply thinking about it. </p> <p>Most types of joint pain are brought about by methods for a blend of numerous things cooperating. Under the SSA's measures, a serious weakness is one which makes an impressive effect on your ability accomplish business related interests. Around 18% of complete incapacities are because of joint inflammation or stiffness, which makes it the most run of the mill wellspring of handicap in america. In the event that you get an extreme instance of rheumatoid joint pain, you ought to be able to fit the bill for Social Security handicap benefits. </p> <p>Most sorts of join t pain are brought about by methods for a blend of a few angles cooperating, however some joint pain conditions don't have any conspicuous reason and appear to be capricious in their rise. RA can affect the framework responsible for making and moving blood all through your whole body. Early determination and treatment can assist somebody with dealing with their manifestations and diminishing the peril of flares and future intricacies. Brisk it forestalls passing, which for the most part occurs inside the initial five years. </p> <p>The sickness as a rule influences comparable gatherings of joints on each side of the human body and can make hard disintegrations that might be watched radiographically. RA can affect the joints of the lower legs, making it trying to explore lopsided surfaces. Some correlative wellbeing approaches for RA are proposed to diminish joint aggravation, and a couple are intended to lessen side effects like agony. </p> <p>Joint torment is known as arthralgia. Regardless of whether you get a non-incendiary or fiery kind of joint inflammation or conceivably an agonizing instance of gout, there are a considerable amount of meds and proposals to ease torment and be certain that your joints don't get harmed further. With time, joints can lose quality and torment may get ceaseless. A joint is a position of the human body where two bones meet. </p> <h2> The New Angle On Term Papers on Arthritis Just Released</h2> <p>Thus, it's difficult to work out which nourishments are causing the aggravation in each person. Papers numbering in the hundreds from eight one of a kind symposia are composed and introduced on the outcomes of CoQ10 on cardiovascular malady. Scientists imagine that a blend of hereditary qualities and ecological components can trigger autoimmunity. Mix treatments including a few specialists from different classes might be utilized. </p> <h2>What Term Pa pers on Arthritis Is - and What it Is Not </h2> <p>With individuals living longer in the United States, the commonness of specialist analyzed joint inflammation is anticipated to increment. Septic joint inflammation may happen at any age. Infection beginning is continuous and habitually starts after age 40. Ankylosing Spondylitis is in like manner a provocative joint pain. </p> <p>There are four key admonition signs of joint pain which should incite a conversation with a human services supplier. A doctor can suggest certain activities for people with restricted portability. They can support you. Your doctor can allude you to an authority if fundamental. </p> <p>Arthritis is characterized among the rheumatic infections. Osteoarthritis regularly doesn't bring about any side effects past the joint. Specialists are attempting to support papet to analyze and think about the illness. They are attempting to dispense with a portion of the reasons for gout . </p> <p>Early determination and increasingly forceful treatment pathways permit it to be practical for significantly more individuals to achieve reduction of their infection, yet we don't have a fix. A joint pain authority, or rheumatologist, should be associated with the occasion the finding is unsure or in the occasion the joint inflammation could be incendiary. Certain elements are demonstrated to be associated with a more prominent possibility of joint inflammation. At that point clarify the manner in which the elements you chose may influence the pathophysiology of the scatters, alongside the conclusion of treatment for those disarranges. </p> <h2> Term Papers on Arthritis - What Is It? </h2> <p>If you are burdened with joint inflammation of the spine (like osteoarthritis and aspect joint inflammation), you may meet all requirements for inability under Listing 1.04. Medical procedure can dispose of the gallbladder, however medical procedure alone can't t ake out every one of the genuine reasons for the stones and irritation. Joint trade medical procedure can be valuable for certain patients. </p> <h2> The Bizarre Secret of Term Papers on Arthritis </h2> <p>Exercise likewise supplies an awesome outlet for overseeing strain and nervousness. The signs can every so often compound after some time. Starter considers have found that yoga may improve physical capacity and lessen the measure of delicate and swollen joints. </p>

Choosing Good Cheap Custom Term Papers

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Persuasive Writing - Persuasive 3 Paragraph Essay

Persuasive Writing - Persuasive 3 Paragraph EssayIf you want to be persuasive in the way you write an essay, using a persuasive writing technique, there are three very important things you need to remember. The first two are not always obvious but you must know how to use them.Remember that the first thing you need to do when writing a persuasive 3 paragraph essay is to figure out what type of information you are going to put in the essay. When you have decided what you want to say and how you want to say it, then you can begin to write the essay. Next, you will need to begin to construct your argument. An argument is the introduction to your essay.Argument is the middle of the essay. It is the reason for which you are writing. It is the explanation why you are writing your essay. You must consider the real purpose of your argument and you must come up with convincing arguments. You must construct the basis for the argument and also the facts that support the argument.Persuasive writ ing is necessary if you want to be persuasive. It helps to construct a persuasive essay by convincing your readers to think a certain way or to act a certain way. You must use evidence and reasoning to support your argument. You cannot tell someone to think a certain way if you do not have evidence to back up your argument.One of the main differences between a persuasive essay and other essays is that you must use statements to build the foundation of your essay. The statement must be followed by supporting evidence. You cannot convince someone to do something unless you convince them with the statement you are writing.Do not waste time trying to read minds when writing a persuasive 3 paragraph essay. You must develop your own style and write in a way that appeals to your readers. It is not necessary to be like the most popular author who will write in an essay for the majority of his life. You should know your audience and you should present your ideas in such a way that they will be taken seriously.In order to be persuasive in a persuasive essay, you must use persuasion. You will find it easier to be persuasive if you use examples rather than general statements. Using general statements to prove something will not persuade anyone. You must convince your readers that you mean what you say and that you are right.Persuasive writing will help you persuade others to do what you want them to do. You can use persuasive writing to get a better grade in school or to get a better job.

Problems We Face When Trying to Write a Persuasive Essay

Problems We Face When Trying to Write a Persuasive EssayWe all have tried to write samples of a persuasive essay and failed at least once in the past. There are plenty of reasons why this is the case, but I would like to focus on the most common problems we encounter when trying to write a persuasive essay. Each of us has probably encountered something like this at some point. If you've tried to write a persuasive essay in the past and failed, you'll want to read this article right away.First of all, what does it mean to 'write samples of a persuasive essay'? Well, it simply means that you are trying to persuade your audience by writing an article that will appeal to them. People often confuse persuasive writing with sales writing. The difference is that in a sales article, you may not actually have to sell anything, but it is still a great way to get your name out there to potentially sell you stuff. If you're trying to sell someone on a product or service, this is definitely not th e kind of article you want to write.There are other problems you might face while trying to write persuasive essays. One of the main problems is having to start from scratch. You do not know what works or doesn't work for everyone else. This can be a great way to mess up a good persuasive essay, so it's definitely something you want to avoid if possible. A good way to figure out what works for someone else is to look at examples of articles written by others and try to imitate their style.Another problem with writing a persuasive essay is that it can take a lot of time to finish it. Usually people don't have the time to go through and edit each section of the essay. This is especially true if it's a long article and you want to make sure it flows. You don't want it to sound like you were trying to rush through a good chunk of the writing process. Inaddition, you need to keep the writing to a minimum so you can focus on giving good advice to the reader.Another problem that can arise when trying to write a persuasive essay is that you will find yourself stuck for ideas. Sometimes you may not have any idea of what you want to talk about. This is especially true if you are trying to appeal to a specific group of people who are going to be reading the essay. Instead of trying to get your ideas across, the best thing to do is to consider what your reader needs. If you can figure out what they are looking for, then you will definitely come up with a great article.Finally, you should never try to rush yourself while writing a persuasive essay. Writing persuasive essays can be very time consuming, and many people tend to get nervous about this. It can be extremely stressful if you aren't organized and are forced to think on your feet. Always take your time and if you find that you have a blank page when you are trying to finish your essay, just give yourself one more day.Although these problems can plague anyone at one time or another, if you want to write a persuasive essay, you need to learn how to handle these problems. By learning how to finish essays in a timely manner, you will be able to leave the rest of the writing task to someone else.

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Journal Citation for “Hate Crime” Free Essays

Journal Citation List Hull, H. G. (2009). We will write a custom essay sample on Journal Citation for â€Å"Hate Crime† or any similar topic only for you Order Now THE NOT-SO-GOLDEN YEARS: WHY HATE CRIME LEGISLATION IS FAILING A VULNERABLE AGING POPULATION. Mich. St. L. Rev. 387. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Wang, L. (2000). RECOGNIZING OPPORTUNISTIC BIAS CRIMES. 80 B. U. L. Rev. 1399. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Taslitz, A. E. (2000). HATE CRIMES, FREE SPEECH, AND THE CONTRACT OF MUTUAL INDIFFERENCE. 80 B. U. L. Rev. 1283. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Ginsberg, A. (2011). Hate Is Enough HOW NEW YORK’S BIAS CRIMES STATUTE HAS EXCEEDED ITS INTENDED SCOPE. 76 Brooklyn L. Rev. 1599. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Schafer, J. R. ; Navarro, J. (2000). HATE UNMASKED: A PRACTICAL MODEL FOR UNDERSTANDING AND DEALING WITH HATE GROUPS. 21 Chicano-Latino L. Rev. 5. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Martin II, S. R. (1994). ESTABLISHING THE CONSTITUTIONAL USE OF BIAS-INSPIRED BELIEFS AND EXPRESSIONS IN PENALTY ENHANCEMENT FOR HATE CRIMES: WISCONSIN v. MITCHELL. 27 Creighton L. Rev. 503. Retrieved from www. exisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Jacobs, J. B. ; Potter, K. A. (1997). Hate Crimes: A Critical Perspective. 22 Crime ; Just. 1. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Ainsworth, K. N. (1993). TARGETING CONDUCT: A CONSTITUTIONAL METHOD OF PENALIZING HATE CRIMES. 20 Fordham Urb. L. J. 669. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Han, E. (2006). CONSTITUTIONAL LAW CHAPTER: B. HATE CRIMES AND HATE SPEECH. 7 Geo. J. Gender ; L. 679. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Kalam, M. (2000). Hate Crime Prevention. 37 Harv. J. on Legis. 593. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Gratett, R. ; Jenness, V. (2001). EXAMINING THE BOUNDARIES OF HATE CRIME LAW: DISABILITIES AND THE â€Å"DILEMMA OF DIFFERENCE. 91 J. Crim. L. Criminology 653. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Scotting,T. A. (2001). Hate Crimes and the Need for Stronger Federal Legislation. 34 Akron L. Rev. 853. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic MacNamara, B. S. (2003). NEW YORK’S HATE CRIMES ACT OF 2000: PROBLEMATIC AND REDUNDANT LEGISLATION AIMED AT SUBJECTIVE MOTIVATION. 6 Alb. L. Rev. 519. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Taslitz, A. E. (1999). Condemning the Racist Personality: Why the Critics of Hate Crimes Legislation Are Wrong. 40 B. C. L. Rev 739. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Sampson, M. H. (2000). Federal Hate Crimes Legislation PRO: The problem of hate crimes demands federal intervention, bringing with it incr eased expertise and resources. 26 San Francisco Att’y 24. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Wang, L. (1997). THE TRANSFORMING POWER OF â€Å"HATE†: SOCIAL COGNITION THEORY AND THE HARMS OF BIAS-RELATED CRIME. 71 S. Cal. L. Rev. 47. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic O’Keefe, K. B. (2010). PROTECTING THE HOMELESS UNDER VULNERABLE VICTIM SENTENCING GUIDELINES: AN ALTERNATIVE TO INCLUSION IN HATE CRIME LAWS. 52 Wm. Mary L. Rev. 301. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Agyemang, T. (2006). RECONCEPTUALIZING CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION AS A BIAS CRIME UNDER THE PROTECT ACT. 12 Cardozo J. L. Gender 937. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Lawrence, F. M. (2003). THE NEW DATA: OVER-REPRESENTATION OF MINORITIES IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM ARTICLE: ENFORCING BIAS-CRIME LAWS WITHOUT BIAS: EVALUATING THE DISPROPORTIONATE-ENFORCEMENT CRITIQUE. 66 Law Contemp. Prob. 49. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic Grattet, R. Jenness, V. (2005). THANKING OUR REVIEWER: ARTICLE OF GENERAL INTEREST: The Reconstitution of Law in Local Settings: Agency Discretion, Ambiguity, and a Surplus of Law in the Policing of Hate Crime. 39 Law Soc’y Rev. 893. Retrieved from www. lexisnexis. com/hottopics/lnacademic How to cite Journal Citation for â€Å"Hate Crime†, Essay examples

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Boys Without Girlfriends free essay sample

As a coeducation institution boys and girls study together in North South University, they come in contact with many strangers on the sidewalks, steps, classrooms, and library. At first these individuals constituted a confusing blur of people they didn’t know. In a relatively short period, however, as they walked down on the campus or sat in the classrooms, some faces began to stand out simply because they passed by or sat beside a few individuals more than once. These casual and unplanned contacts soon led to mutual recognition. Those boys and girls may not have known who these individuals were, but they came to recognize their faces. As a result both of them were more likely to say â€Å"Hi† the next time they saw one another and perhaps exchanged a word or two about random topics such as the upcoming exam, or some event on campus. Thus they become familiar to each other and this familiarity leads to liking. This happens when there is too much exposure between boys and girls and they become friends each other. As a result, repeated exposure ordinarily results in increasingly positive feelings and friendly relations. They become friends and come closer to each other. It helps them to find the right person they are looking for, and they expect more company from their likeable persons to know each other very well. Most of the students are aged between 20 and 25, as young people they normally have more attraction towards the opposite sex, they may fall in love with their male or female classmates. Young boys have this kind of feelings or attraction to girls. When any young boy finds the qualities in a young girl that he is looking for, he may fall in love with that girl. The young male students of NSU have this kind of feelings and they may look for the right girl in NSU. But all boys may not have female friends in NSU for several reasons and the research paper will be focused on mainly the condition of those boys without female friends and how they handle the situation. [pic] The boys without girlfriends in NSU Most of the boys are without girl friends in NSU, there may be some reasons behind it. At present love is a great issue in any young person’s life; every boy wants to have a girl friend to get company. It is also a psychological need of any young boy, they need love, and affection, and caring and mental support from someone special and it is usually his female friend. When any boy doesn’t have girl friend, he may feel the need of company and the lacking of his psychological needs. It may be a typical condition for those boys who seriously want the mental support and love from a girl whom they are looking for. The other boys don’t have this kind of problem if they find themselves perfect without girl friends. The possible reasons for having no girl friends, the condition without girl friends and feelings of those boys are mainly discussed on the basis of questionnaire For the research I did my survey on 50 boys who did not have any girlfriend in NSU. I prepared the research paper analyzing their replies and showed the answers through graphs. [pic] The reasons for not having girlfriend The first question was to identify the reason why the boys don’t have girl friend. Boys may have different reasons for having no girlfriend; the reasons may be financial problems, study pressure and others. The options were mainly given based on the realistic situations of the boys in NSU. The first option was -study pressure; all students need to work hard, study regularly in NSU. They always remain busy with their studies and do not have enough free time. The next option was shortage of money. Money is a big issue in today’s competitive world and it is considered one of the most important facts in any relationship. It is not exceptional for the boys in NSU and they don’t want to spend too much money beyond their limitations. The third option was lack of time. The students always remain busy with their studies, classes, project and part time jobs. Some students might not have so much time to spend in vain. They are always in rush to finish their works on time. The last option was for those boys who did not want to have affair with girls during their study. But it was rare. The result of the options will be found from the following graph. [pic] If we look at the graph, 15%students said they did not have female friends for study pressure, 20% showed the reason of shortage of money and the rest 15% did not have enough time to continue affair, their lake of time was the reason for not having girlfriend. [pic] The idea about love Love is a central issue in most people’s lives and some times people may not know the right meaning about love. Their perspective may be different and every one can think about love in different way. The second question was asked that the boys had clear idea about love to make relationship with any girl. [pic] From the graph, the opinions of the question will be clear. It was found that 20% said they had clear idea about love, 10% said that they did not have so much knowledge about love to make affair with any girl. The rest of the 20% gave opinion that it was not necessary to have clear idea about love, because everyone might have different feelings and thoughts to get involved in affair. [pic] Effect of money The importance of money in love was mentioned in the first question. Money has magical effect to start and continue an affair. There is a popular modern proverb â€Å" The thicker the money bag of boys, the deeper the love is of the girls†. So money has major impact on affair. Most of the boys in NSU strongly supported that proverb, as they do not have enough sources to earn money and to spend the money for their girlfriends. Money is mainly important for boys to treat, give precious gifts to their girlfriends. It is one of the strategies to impress girl and to maintain social status. It is seen that boys always spend money when they have affair with a girl. At present this traditional way to impress girl has not been changed, in the survey it was found 40% boys strongly agreed with the impact of money on affair. Most of the students believed that it was not affordable for them to treat a girl in some prestigious and expensive restaurant or first food shop. They also gave opinion that they paid a lot of money for their education, so they were not supposed to pay extra money for maintaining femalefreind. If anyone had a girlfriend, he managed money in different ways. Only 5% believed that money did not have any effect on affair. The rest 5% answered money might have effect on affair occasionally not for always. So economical issue is considered as one of the important fact for the boys who think shortage of money is the main reason for having no girlfriend. [pic] From the graph the effectiveness of money is visible, so it can be said that money is one of the important factors on affair. [pic] What boys think about NSU girls? The research paper will mainly focus on the boys who don’t have girl friends in NSU. There was also a question what the boys thought about NSU girls. The options were mainly based on the different perspectives. First option was the NSU girls were not good for long time relationship. It was found some girls lost their attraction and they did not have so much patience to continue the relationship for a long time. The next option was they could only be good friends for their friendly qualities and behavior. The third option was that the girls hang out only for study benefits, it was often seen some girls mainly hang out with the boys to get the assignment, project done by the boys and they made good relationship only for study benefits. After the semester they were not as friendly as they before. It was also found that many girls were very rude and they did not want to have affair with any boys. Most of the boys thought that those girls did not value any one’s feelings and they never preferred the likeness of others at any cost. It will be clearer from the graph what boys actually think about NSU girls. [pic] From the pie chart, it has become obvious that the girls of NSU are not good for any long time relationship. The half of the boys (25%) agreed with that. But they can be good friends according the opinion of 10% boys. Other 10% boys gave different opinion; they said some girls hang out only for study benefits. The rest 5 % replied that a few girls did not value the feelings or likeness of any boy. So it is found that NSU girls are not good for any long time relationship according to the opinion of the boys. [pic] Necessity of having girlfriend in NSU There was also a question whether the boys thought that it was necessary having a female friend in NSU. Since boys and girls study together for a long time it is possible for them to get involved in affair. If we look at the graph it will be clear how many boys think to have affair with a girl in NSU. Their opinions related with the question will also visible. pic] Half of the students said that they might have girlfriend without hampering study. When any boys and girls have affair, there may be some emotional problems, which causes loosing concentration to study. As the students pay al lot of money for their studies and they never want to fail or getting lower grades in their courses. 25% boys wanted to have girlfriend without hampering their studies. Other 15% strictly said that it was not necessary to love any girl in NSU. Only 5% replied it was necessary having girlfriend and the rest 5% said that the boys could have only one girlfriend not more than one. It is found most of the boys prefer to have girlfriend without hampering their studies. [pic] Bad expereince about affair with NSU girls When people have any bad expereince of any thing in his life, he will never want to do the same thing again. If any boy has bad expereince about romantic relationship, he must try to avoid getting involved in relationship due to his previous expereince. Some boys may have bad experiences about relationship with NSU girls. It was also included in the questionnaire. The first option was about the heart breaking, there might be some facts that could break any boys’ heart. The second option was about those who did not have any bad expereince about relationship with NSU girls. The next option was the fact of being rejected. It was found in most cases that the majority of the boys were rejected and they suffered mentally for a long time. When any boy is rejected, it might be difficult for him to overcome his mental depression. It is a common fact in NSU that many boys have the pathetic expereince of being rejected. The following graph will show how many boys have bad expereince about relationship with NSU girls. [pic] From the bar graph, we can see that few students (10%) had heart broken expereince. The majority of the students (20%) did not have any bad expereince. Some boys were found having the expereince of being rejected; those 15% mainly did not get any response from the girls to get involved in affair. The rest of the students had other experiences. [pic] What boys do when they see any couple? It is found that most of the boys are without girlfriends in NSU, and few of them have girlfriends. What happened when the boys saw the couples and their reaction was asked in the questionnaire. It was found that most of the students did nothing when they saw any couple, they did not have any reaction and they took it normally. Few of the students were found that they admired, criticized and sometimes dreamed to be like them. It will be clear from the graph [pic] It is seen that 40% boys did nothing and they did not show any reaction. So when they saw any couple it seemed to be usual fact to the boys. A few of boys were found who admired or criticized when they saw any couple. Fantasies also worked in the boys who dreamed to be a couple with the girls whom they loved. pic] Feelings of boys without girlfriends The next question was about the most sensitive issue- the feelings of the boys without girl friends. Most of the boys feel loneliness†-an emotional and cognitive reaction to having fewer and less satisfying relationship than one desires. † Loneliness is accomplished by negative effect, including feelings of depression, anxiety, unhappiness, and dissatisfacti on. The boys who did not have enough friends, they felt lonely without girl friends in NSU. Some boys do not bother responsibility in any kind of serious type of relationship like affair. Those boys may be happy without girlfriends because they do not have other responsibilities and restrictions. They are free from emotional bindings. A young boy without girlfriend may feel boring, he become tired for his monotonous life without the regular company of a charming girlfriend. It is usual fact for the young aged people; they always expect the company of opposite sex. Few boys may be found that they do not want to get involved in an affair. They may dislike having romance with any girl during their study. The reply of the boys is shown in the following graph. [pic] The bar graph shows that half of the boys (25%) replied they were free from all kinds of responsibilities in affair. They did not need to be worried about their duties to girlfriends. The other 15% felt the loneliness. Though they had friends, they expected the company of a girlfriend and the lack ness made them feel lonely. Only 5% felt boring in the condition without girlfriend and the rest 5% thought differently. They said that they were fine without girlfriends and they did not want to be involved in any close relationship with a girl in NSU. [pic] Passing time without girlfriend When a boy is involved in an affair with a girl, he usually passes time together and enjoys the every moment they are passing together. But the boys without girlfriends passed their time in different ways. When they are alone they pass the time in studying, Most of the boys without girlfriends pass their time chatting with friends. This gives them opportunity to pass time in an enjoyable way. It may fill the lack of the girlfriend’s company, and the boys do not feel loneliness. Some boys who did not have enough friends, they might feel loneliness and those boys passed the time walking alone outside the campus. Most of the boys without girlfriends do not want to be frustrated and they pass time according to their own choice. From the graph it will be clear by how most of the boys pass time without girlfriends. [pic] If we look at the graph, majority of the boys (35%) passed time by chatting with friends and enjoyed the company while they were with their friends. The other 10% students replied that they passed time by studying in library. A few of the boys (5%) passed time by browsing Internet and mailing friends who live in abroad. From all the replies of the boys, it is visible that most of them enjoy their friend’s company to pass free time. pic] Facing problems without girlfriends When boys could not get involved in romantic relationship with the girls whom they loved, they (boys) were frustrated and passed through problematic life. The problem that they actually face is for loneliness. When any boy feels loneliness, he may be frustrated or depressed and it hampers his mental sati sfactions. A boy may suffer more depression when a girl refuses him, he may be frustrated for his heart broken. He lost confidence or attraction to love when he found his dream did not come true, it might change his mentality and idea about love. When any boy proposes a girl, he must be self-confident but after the refusal he can loose his self-confidence and never want to propose any girl in future. In this way the boys may be dissatisfied with affair and they loose attraction to love. The options in the question focused the problems that boys faced without girlfriend. [pic] The graph is indicating that how many boys face problems when they don’t have girlfriends. 20% of the boys felt the problems of requiring regular company of a girl. 15% replied that they were often frustrated and dissatisfied with their condition without girlfriends. The other 10% said that they were loosing confidence when any girl refused them, and the rest 5% answered that they were loosing attraction to love. [pic] Future desire to have girlfriend The boys who are now without girlfriends may have wish to get involved in affair with a girl in future. The last question was about the future planning of boys to make any girl as girlfriend in future, it actually depended on some several conditions. Every body wants to find out the similarities from others to continue a relationship. Similarities are more important than repeated exposure. When any boy finds similar mentality, choices with a girl, he becomes emotionally weak to her. They always look for a girl who has all kinds of qualities that the boys are looking for. Some students do not prefer girlfriends in student life and they never want to make girlfriends in future. Sometimes it actually depends on the situation if the boys are capable to continue relationship. Most of the boys are afraid to get involved in affair due to family restriction. If the boys get support from the parents, they may be involved in romantic relationship with girls. They will try to do that when there is no family restriction. [pic] Since the research paper is based on the opinion of the boys without girlfriends, there was also given two open questions to write down how they coped with the situation and whether they actually preferred the condition without girlfriends. Many boys gave different opinions and expressed feelings when they had no girlfriends, they passed life with bad expereince if they were rejected or cheated by any girl. It might have impact on a boy’s mind when he would not get the girl whom he loved. From the replies of the boys it is also seen that some of the boys are fine because they don’t have any extra responsibilities for a particular girl as the boys have no romantic relation with any girl. [pic] Conclusion When life itself does not come to a halt and any one does not stop breathing, than there is no being upset in being upset for not having girlfriend and jeopardizing their own life. Actually this is the age to study and to build them up and there will always be a better one for waiting. Most of the boys in NSU are young and this is the stage to prepare them for the future. Their entire future mainly depends on how they pass their young age and how much they can concentrate in study. When any student can overcome all his problems and pay attention to study he must be successful in his life, he won’t be afraid to face any problems that he may come across in future. Most of the boys are without girlfriend in NSU, it can give them mental dissatisfaction for the want of company. The reasons and conditions without girlfriends may be different, but the important thing is not to take the condition without girlfriends seriously. So if the boys think their life is boring and they are loosing confidence due to frustration, it will be harmful to them in future. No one can progress without self-confidence. If any boy has problems without girlfriend, he should try to overcome the depression by any means to keep him free from all kinds of emotional and psychological problems. It will be beneficial for their own future. This is the age for having fun not getting into serious mental depression. They should look at the bright side of not having girlfriends; they spend money and time in enjoying games, eating out with friends, and camping.