Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Data, Information and Communication in Organizations Management Essay - 10

Data, Information and Communication in Organizations Management - Essay Example Data needs analysis and interpretation with probable possibilities to enable for the proper development of information in management processes. Communication incorporates data processing by the sender through channels in a manner that the recipient can understand. Communication within organizations requires clear and well-defined channels, which pass instructions to various stakeholders within organizations. Organizations use well-analyzed data, processed information and channeled communication to improve efficiency and effectiveness in networking and team building among employees. The use of data within an organization enables the disclosure of various facts that are invaluable in the implementation management practices. At Nike Company where I serve, for instance, the use of statistical data to know the population of people using Nike products assists in the production of a significant number of products that serve all customers. Statistical information on Nike products gives figures on how Nike products get into the market and the level of their demand and supply. Proper application of the statistics ensures appropriate production in the company without any shortage in the marketplace. Based on the theory of price mechanism, especially in management, the use of data in organizations gives them the real figures on demand and supply chains. Therefore, the use of data in organizations en ables for the implementation of demand and supply theory in management (International Conference On The Bookmark Of The School Of The Future, Taylor & Hogenbirk, 2013, p. 138). Information increases efficiency in organizations by expanding knowledge among stakeholders on the proper operations and management techniques. Remarkably, the use of information allows various employees and customers to equip themselves with ideas on various products and their use.  

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