Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Television Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Television - Essay Example ITV is an umbrella phrase that covers the convergence of digital media with television technologies. The phrases enhanced television (eTV) and interactive television (iTV) are employed interchangeably. This paper will use the phrase interactive television, or iTV. Notwithstanding the technological advancement witnessed in bandwidth capabilities and the growing accessibility of digital technologies, progress towards extensive acceptance of iTV programming in many countries remains slow (Bolter & Grusin, 2006). According to O’Driscoll, (2008), television is gradually shifting from a passive, broadcast, entertainment, linear viewing experience. It is growing towards becoming a demand driven, infotainment, non- linear, participatory, advertising focused, broadband, two-way communication platform. Television viewers are becoming familiarized with the active (lean forward) model of viewing as an alternative to the conventional passive (lean back) model. The viewers are also developing the practice of processing added information simultaneously through the use of mobile devices or computers while they watch television. Television viewers are beginning to achieve as well as demand increased control over television viewing experiences. Figure 1 presents an overview of the shifting models as television viewers’ move from conventional to interactive television. According to Swann, (2009), enthusiasm in the industry has expanded and diminished with each market test and scientific advancement in the last decade. The Census Bureau in the U.S noted in 2001, that 98.2% of all households in the U.S had at least one television set. The bureau also noted that the average number of television sets per household as 2.4. The A.C. Nielsen Company noted that average Americans watch approximately four hours of television per day. In 2004, the projections revealed that average adults would watch an approximate seventy days or 1,669 hours of television.

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