Thursday, August 8, 2019

Chapter12 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Chapter12 - Essay Example e key aim of developing educational settings, the chapter had emphasized strategies and actions plans of determining skill areas that ensure individuals with physical disabilities to become productive citizen within the nation. The significance of preparatory programs for the secondary education has been considered in this chapter as the fundamental key aspects for empowering educational stability of the youth with physical disabilities (Schloss et al., 2006). Corresponding to the pivotal role of the preparatory programs, the incorporation of providing adequate guidance to build self-determination of the students with disabilities is one of the key agents for the educational settings. The process would enable students with disabilities to strengthen their belief for establishing and achieving their educational goals. The process of creating self-determination would further facilitate the students with disabilities to make effective choices along with decision making skills to improve quality of life from different undue influences and interferences from the external environment. In addition to the significance of self-determination, the chapter has also provided a clear understanding about the function of assessing interests and skills of the students with disabilities that can substantially help the vocational institutions to improve the educational environment. In this context, emphasizing strategic priority of conducting curriculum bas ed vocational assessment, vocational aptitude tests along with person centered planning and career awareness instructions have also been accentuated in this chapter that can empower the vocational student to ensure better future of the students with disabilities (Schloss et al.,

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