Friday, August 23, 2019

Team Cognition Development and Evolution Assignment

Team Cognition Development and Evolution - Assignment Example Besides, owing to the numerous emerging and current casinos offering similar services, team building would aid significantly in creating a competitive advantage. This compelled the management to implement teamwork within all the departments of the casino, from the top management to the lowest ranks of housekeeping. In this endeavor of team building, the management improved on creating team contracts. They also implemented clear team objectives and significantly mulled over improving communication from the top management to the employees. In their survey, Karli, James, and Scout considered the ownership of shared goals within a team (Karli, James & Scout, 2013). Individuals seemed to take up the team goals and endeavored to accomplish these objectives. The authors also eliminated various inhibitors in the teams’ ability to achieve the set objectives. The implementation of the team within the casino was significant in increasing efficiency within the team, thereby making the casino increase its revenue significantly. In my perspective, the authors’ intention to assess teamwork and revenue boost was a success, owing to the appropriate survey models and selection of a case that considers the objectives of the study. In another article, He, Brian and William, all Professors in the field of business, critically highlight the essence of team building in achieving diversity goals within an organization, as opposed single individuals. These individuals teamed up in writing the article, â€Å"Team Cognition: Development and Evolution in Software Project Teams.† The authors cite that team building is critical in overcoming time challenges and resource coordination. Additionally, owing to the characteristics of diverse software development projects being unstructured and sophisticated, it is significant to implement teamwork within such endeavors (He, Brian and William, 2010).

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