Sunday, August 4, 2019

My Personal Philosophy of Education Essay -- Philosophy of Teaching St

Philosophy of Education We are living in a moment of deep historical mutation in which traditional meanings are dissolving. This makes it necessary to re-think the certainties in which the Essentialist thinks. Bringing us back to the basics of life with core curriculum. My philosophy beliefs on education are based on Essentialism and Progressivism. Essentialism is grounded in a conservative philosophy that accepts the social, political, and economic structure of American society. While Progressivism has a respect for individuality, it is believed that people learn better through active interplay with others. Learning is increased when we engage in activities that have meaning in our lives. I have learned through the years that young children seem to be more vulnerable to learning through music, rhyming and dancing. I feel that it gives them a better grasp on the information, than just reading about the issues at hand. However, students still need to learn the essentials of academics. There are subsequently countless reasons to become an educator. Above all is to make a difference in at least one child’s life. Being an educator would allow me to go the extra mile so that I may shape, mold, and build character in the children. These are just a few of the reasons I would love to become an educator. The classroom will be filled with all the necessary items to make it an all- around great place of learning. The room will be filled with pastel colors to help the children stay focused and calm. It will include a weather board, days of the week and a sign language alphabet book. There will also be wall borders such as a number line, an alphabet line, a color line and the helpers of the day. There will be ... ...o do their best at all times, to stay on target and get help when needed so that they will not be left behind. As a teacher you must be a continuous learner. You can fulfill this by going to many lectures, night classes, in-service trainings, experience and from your mentor. Also, it is amazing how much you can learn from the students. They can assist the teacher with techniques, styles, discipline, and motivation in a classroom. The future professional developmental plans would be to improve individual skills, qualify for salary increases, and meet certification requirements. With completion of just these few things a teacher could get rewarded with personal and professional growth, job security, and career advancement. As an adult learner time needs to be set aside for learning. Adults need time to experience and digest new ideas and ways of working.

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