Thursday, May 16, 2019

Short responses Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Short responses - Assignment ExampleI give Microsoft Excel for budgeting as it includes simple formulas for the calculations, which is why accountants also use up spreadsheets for advanced budget calculations (Coy, Nelson, Buchanan and Fisher, 1998). Researchers also use spreadsheets to organize large data and this helps them to analyze data to draw meaningful conclusions from the raw data ( use Spreadsheet, 2013).Grocery shopping lists always involve numerous goods and items which become perplexing if not handled well. To avoid confusedness and losing money on unnecessary items, I use Google Drive to create a list of items I need to buy. Google Docs provides grocery list templates which make grocery shopping easier and simpler (Using Google Docs, 2013). Listing my grocery items on a spreadsheet prevents me from missing on an item and helps me plan my weekly budget on food. Spreadsheets allow the arrangement of data to help in the analysis of these data which is particularly usefu l for researchers. This helps them import the data to spreadsheet computer software which carries out calculations on the data for statistical analysis (Meyers & Gamst et al.,

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