Wednesday, May 22, 2019

NTUC Management Restructuring

NTUC Chief Lim Boon Heng has urged the perplexity of companies undergoing restructuring to take union leaders into confidence, so that the trustworthy concerns of workers can be oral communicationed in good time. Citing the restructuring of the Public Utilities Board as an example, he said the exercise was carried out smoothly because of the close cooperation surrounded by the management and the union. Speaking at the first triennial delegates conference of the Union of forefinger and Gas Employees (UPAGE), Mr Lim said that companies responded to challenges in various ways some through and through restructuring to meet new market demands, and others through mergers.For wokers, these changes can be unsettling, and restructuring sometimes leads to retrenchments. But in the case of Singapore Powers restructuring, the NTUC Chief noted that the PUB management had taken the companys union leaders into confidence even before the news was made public it showed that openess between mana gement and union was the better policy. When management atomic number 18 open with the union leaders, the legitimate concerns of workers can be addressed, leading to a smooth transition, Mr Lim said. Unfortunately for us, there are many management that adopt a different approach, informing the union only at the last moment, giving union leaders little time to respond and no time to address workers concerns. Mr Lim also announced that the unions present general secretary, Nithinandhan, would now become its executive secretary, so that he could represent workers from all unions formed under Singapore Power or its subsidiary companies. We made some changes to our constitution handing the powers to the executive secretary to deal with all collective agreements, and to negotiate on behalf of major grievances with management and be the main person corresponding with all employers and external agencies and work out policies for all branches on industrial relations, Mr Nithinandhan said. H e said the unions relations with the management had been thin and plans were underway for joint committees on training and workplace environment to better look into the needs of workers.

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