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Operations Management - Location Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

trading operations Management - Location - Essay ExampleIt has, on the other hand, proven that a number of entrepreneurs pay off continued to rise as Wal-Mart continues to open new stores. Fishman (2006) claims that, States that pack a vast number of Wal grocery stores has nearly the same concentration of elegant businesses just like in states with a few of the stores. In fact, it is the states that have a number of Wal grocery store stores that have a high number of subatomic businesses per capita. Nevertheless, Wal mart existences in areas have negative effectuate top the small business owners. After observing the effects of a number of Wal-Mart openings keenly, researchers realized a 40 percent drop in sales at nearby mass merchandise chains and too, 17 percent sales drop at the neighborhoods supermarkets. The small businesses located in the same regions with Wal-Mart often faces huge loses or become phased come out of the closet of business due to the immense Wal-Marts everyday low prices and also, convenient shopping. There are a number of people who think that think Wal-Mart is extremely unhealthy for a regions small business owners. Andrea Dean of the University of West Virginia claims that, Wal-Mart has not had a serious negative effect on the topical anaesthetic small businesses as critics think. Instead, Wall-Mart has unleashed forces that have overtime changed the nature of small businesses in America in out of the blue(predicate) ways (Fishman, 2006). With the introduction of Wal-Mart in a number of states, the small businesses fell over. These swelled stores are large chain stores that create large branches everywhere. With the loss of the small local stores, the towns losses the confederacy feeling and interaction with neighbors. In big stores like the Wal-Mart, individuals behave differently than they do in the more friendlier and family like small local businesses (Fishman, 2006). These small businesses have that warm environment that slows down the pace of living, and encourages shoppers to wander around and converse. Studies have led to the conclusion that a surrounding with the small businesses tend to lead to a livelier and active community than the one with significant businesses. Pros and Cons Town Residents The existence of Wal Mart has led to high job creations to the area residents. The association being a large one, there get out be legion(predicate) job opportunities for the area residents. Wal-Mart has also led to an increase in the region tax revenues. According to Fishman (2006), the chains will also will a wide selection of products and services under a single roof than what is available on the small businesses. Wal-Mart also provides residents with lower prices for all of its products and services than the existing area small businesses. Wal-Mart also provides thingummy to its customers through immediate, no cost, nearby, and convenience parking space. There are, however, cons to reside nts where the chains become set. There are numerous allegations that Wal-Mart is in violation of the federal and also, the state wage and labor laws that require it to pay overtime wags to its workers, which enables the connection to lower its costs and also sell at lower prices (Fishman, 2006). Response of a Wal-Mart Representative A Wal-Mart representative can be influential in responding to the negative criticisms along a number of sectors. Foremost, Wal-Mart will bring increased employment to the area. The chains will provide shopping access to

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