Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Personal Leadership Philosophy Essay -- definition of leadership

In developing this idea of what moderateership is, I examined what was most important to me in being a leader. Since leadership is such a bountiful term, this could not be a process whereby I could generalize leadership for everyone. Rather, the task is to sterilize who I am as a leader. I asked myself, what is it that shapes the tidy sum? What are the factors that comprise a leader, and what makes these things add up to create something larger than ourselves as leaders? Thoughtful reflections on these things lead me to generate the following interpretation of leadership lead is about more than simply having followers it is not a title, and it is not achieved by just following a few principles. Leadership is complex, though at its core, it is having the courage to make the right choices not just the popular ones, engaging others in a vision, and empowering followers to pursue a shared purpose of achieving a positive, lasting impact. My leadership philosophy has been shaped by several factors, the first of which is the knowledge of self. I am a firm believer that until you know yourself first, you are not able to meet your fullest potential as a leader. The greatest relationships exist when each person knows first themselves and what they bring to the table, impacting every(prenominal) leader/follower relationships. The leader approaches the relationship confidently, knowing that the leader and follower can mutually benefit from their interaction. One of the most important things that I nonplus done in terms of my personal development is to identify my core values.Possibly the most critical step to becoming an effective leader is to determine and understand ones core values. Many of my values are a result of my childhood however, t... ...d is constantly changing, and to keep up, one must be prepared to take on opportunities that will result in continued growth and stoping.Ultimately, these values are all interconnected. It takes great courage to lead with authenticity and integrity. Integrity inspires service and respect for others. Living authentically and with integrity enables the leader to develop their passions, resulting in a commitment to hard work and dedication, as well as growth and learning. Pushing through the challenges of a full commitment to this lifestyle of leadership requires a sense of humor, and a willingness to re adapt ones life to ones passions. I think that when we truly commit ourselves to understanding ourselves as leaders, as well as learn to understand our followers and the relationship that exists between leader and follower, there is potential for great change.

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