Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Learning Summary (HRM) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Learning Summary (HRM) - Essay Example Behavioral Performance Evaluation is measured by determining the quantity of exertion on the job, reliability, faithfulness, motivation, and quality of service of an individual. Goal accomplishment for short term is less preferred, whereas, long term personal growth and customer relationships and rising market share (Cascio, W; 2006) are given importance. Since goals are not quantifiable, employees cannot be compared with each other. Utilization of compulsory distributions inflicts evaluations that are wrong. Focus on employee's activities will record effectual and unproductive incidents. Evaluation of performance for individual objects and goals can be equated against other employees' performance. It depends on an employee's contribution towards the accomplishment of a unit or organization. Although this appraisal is based on short term goals, it leads towards organizational performance. Alternatively rating established on individual's conducts can help the individual's growth but w ill be subjective and lengthy. Evaluation of a workers' job on attitude, behavior and personality are important in their growth within the organization. The results on objectives are not the capacity of the individual, for the outcome may be good or bad. When an employee works to achieve his targets he may not accomplish it due to lack of training, support, motivation etc. These factors impact on the employee's performance rating and competencies count in team work, guidance etc. They are intangible and can be divided as doing the right thing, dependability and accountability behaviors, integrity, eagerness to learn and innovate, openness to change and adaptability, quality-centric, and teamwork. Assessment on this and the feedback will help him to have the desired orientation. 3. Which career management perspective most resembles your current work place (individuals focusing on themselves, organization focus on individuals or organizations focusing on themselves) Please explain and provide some examples. Career has a crucial role to play in every employee's life. He may try every chance to succeed. The success will force him to acquire new skills. Organizations try to retain these skilled employees, so that they will leave not leave them seeking other prospects. Our organization focuses on individual's career and job satisfaction, and we are mentored and tailored to its culture and practices through apt training implemented from the start of our career. General Electric use mentoring practice of reverse mentoring, through the interaction between young subordinates with older superiors to acquire skill, and knowledge Informationsystems.and electronic commerce (Cascio, 2006). Policies of promotion and motivation aid the employees to handle their careers and ambitions. Organizations promote employees considering their performance levels. Our organization does not hire employees from outside for higher positions, so that our chances are not lost. This policy recognizes our performance an d makes us motivated. Our

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