Thursday, July 25, 2019

Global and International Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Global and International Health - Essay Example These features lead to high prices of illicit drugs and ensure a continuous demand exist around the globe. Assistance from medical professionals like nurses, law enforcement bodies, drug educational services targeting the communities and youths, as well as federal and international counter drug initiatives (monitoring and interdiction operation, disruption of international illegal substance networks, and interception and disruption of foreign drugs shipments) are being used to reduce demand and supply in the market, and minimize the harm caused to the economies and health of drug abusers around the globe. Keywords: Illicit Drugs, Nursing, Trafficking, Supply and Demand, Markets, Consumers, Patients, Addiction, Prevention, Law Enforcement, Rehabilitation, Harm Reduction, Drug Education 1. Global nature of illicit drugs market The trade and use of illicit drugs is a common problem around the globe, affecting the consumers and nations they are trafficked into. Under the international co ntrol, the UNDC conventions describe them as those produced, trafficked and /or consumed against the law. Traditionally, most consumption exists in form of plant products, but due to scientific development, synthetically processed forms are now available. It’s the cheapest means to avail the illicit drugs to new consumers in the market, because it provides them with an alternative. However, the global trend has been driven by the market level demand and supply forces that influence the price and use of drugs (â€Å"Markets,†2010). This is because illicit drugs are limited (exist in low volumes), considering that their dealings are criminalized. This feature gives them another characteristic of association with high unit cost and value; meaning, the nature of the industry can call for very high percentages of their price mark up from production to consumer. The risks and the high degree of monopoly in the market contribute to the disproportionate aspect of the illicit d rugs’ prices and profits against the cost (â€Å"Economics,† n.d.). The other feature of the illicit drugs is the addictive nature to consumers, which ensures continuously high unregulated turnover, worth hundreds of billions in the industry, even though the consumers are few compared to other legal products. It is no doubt that operating in the industry (whether seller or buyers) is a risky move, but no matter how expensive the drugs are, consumers would risk purchasing them to satisfy their addiction. This is the main reason why drugs market continues to expand steadily, despite the legal, financial, and social effort to fight their use in the societies. 2. Evaluate the preventive measures to the increasing use of illicit drugs To reduce the increasing demand and proliferation of the illicit drugs market, primary, secondary and tertiary preventive measures are currently in place to support the US population. A common approach in the United States and around the globe is facilitation of drug education to the public. This is being achieved through mass education programs and in learning institutions in the states (Wodak, 2011). The strategy aims to reduce demand by educating potential users to reduce their possibility of consumption. The youths are the potential consumers and need accurate information before they engage into harmful addictions. Recent moves involve investing in the youth and keeping them involved in

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