Sunday, July 28, 2019

HRM Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

HRM - Coursework Example As revenue for work force development is reduced, the organizations are faced with a dilemma. Reduce organization-learning programs to lower costs or come up with new approaches to create a competitive edge. â€Å"As an act of ritual during recessions, an extreme force comes from the top to reduce cost. This expected dominant logic exists in many organizations.† (Reyes 2011 pg56) During this time, organizations cycles in and out of recession, they opt to downsize as a way of saving the firm from making loses. This in turn interrupts organization-learning strategies inhibiting organization learning. In addition, this achieved through elimination of learning programs that do not have direct impact on the profits of the firm. Therefore during recession organization learning programs are the first to be eliminated. Organization learning is more than just developing the skills and perception of the staff about the firm for their own personal gain. It is about training the employees to do their best while on duty and provide result to a company. The inception of these ideas has lead to significant mastery of organizational operations by the staff members. â€Å"Organization learning is perceived as one of the most crucial sources of competitive advantage within the context of profit motivated management.† This implies that the firm needs to be in harmony with its external environment, which is characterized with emerging trends and unique developments, any organization therefore, through learning has to develop a connection between its workforce and external forces. As companies such as Golf Place (ST Andrews) Limited face un anticipated levels of changes. They are expected to grasp a deep understanding of both internal and external business space of the business that they are engaging in, to sharpen its competitive edge. It is also vital for the formulation

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