Friday, June 7, 2019

Nature Strongly Influences Early Human Development. Discuss Essay Example for Free

Nature Strongly Influences Early Human Development. Discuss EssayBoth nature and nurture play an most-valuable role in early human schooling. However, people have always wondered that our gene which we inherited from our parents or environmental factors influenced the most. This has been a mysterious around the eyeball for centuries. This essay will analyze that nurture is the most important. Nature which is the genetic endowment from our parents plays a huge role in the development. Our personal characteristics were determined by the inheritable structure of the fertilized ovum. The decision of our sex, hair color, eyes color comes from the gene which we inherited from our parents. Another example for the affections of gene on the development of human is that, a pit who was separated for almost 35years with distinct life history still share the same interest and personality when they meet each other. Moreover, because of the genetically programmed maturation , childrens be havior after birth flows the same as the time schedule of their innate ability such as rolling over, sitting without support, standing succession holding on to furniture, etc. Although we see that nature influenced human the most, what really influences the development is nurture.For instance, even if all children go through the same sequences of motor behaviors, different children will go through the same stage at different rates. Whats more, the extension of motor behaviors can be hastened by extra arousal or practice that infants received. As we can see, a child who was given an extra practice of walking everyday began to walk earlier than children who didnt practice. Also, the development of speech is accelerated if an infant is encouraged and stimulated to speak. According to the belief of John Locke, babies have blank minds after their births.Their minds only improved from what theyve learned and see through their senses. They do not inherit from their parents. Similarly, a ccording to John B. Waston and B. F. Skinner, the nature of human can be reconcileable. It doesnt really depend on the heredity of the child but it does depend on the training that the child has received. He also stated that he can turn any infants to any merciful of specialists such as lawyer, doctor, artist, or even thief and beggar regarding to his training but not their race of ancestors, tendencies, talents or abilities.In conclusion, either nature or nurture influenced new born infants in their own ways. It seems they can back up with fond supports. However, nurture influences more than nature because it has a strong precedent to alter our natural form and can possibly turn us into somewhat different. In my opinion, I also believe that nurture has a strong impact on childrens development because from my personal experience, I have to study in order to get the knowledge and skills and my lifestyle just adapt to the environment around me.

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