Sunday, June 9, 2019

Femail Trafficking Who Are Trafficked for Sexual Exploitation Research Paper

Femail Trafficking Who Are Trafficked for Sexual Exploitation - Research Paper ExampleAs all such extreme curses, the incidence of kind-hearted trafficking is significantly high in the world, in both developed and developing countries.This evolution of human beings, done by the powerful human beings to the comparatively wakeful and helpless people, occurs in many forms throughout the world, with thousands of victims falling prey to it every year. These forms include, prostitution, sexual exploitation, slavery, child labor, organ transplant and other types of involuntary servitude (UNODC, 2009). Human trafficking besides includes the abduction of people and making them work under false promises of money, employment or other such benefits. The victims include men, women, as well as children, who find themselves victims of this crime both in their homelands as well as in foreign countries. Human trafficking bears a striking resemblance with the illegal practice of slavery, due to t he conditions and exploitation that are subjected to its victims. One specific type of trafficking is sex trafficking of females, which is one of the most commonly found forms of this crime. Exploiters force women into prostitution due to debt-bonded agreements in this crime, and this has currently dumbfound to be the face of modern slavery, and a severe violation of human rights.Female trafficking is a practice, which leads to the compelling of the victimized female to perform sexually, for the exploiters financial gain (Hart, 2009). It is a growing business because of two reasons it is profitable and it uses people who are not difficult to trap. The profitability of this crime is because in that respect is a large market for the illegal trade of sex a demand that female trafficking satisfies with its low prices and exploitation of helpless women. The helpless women are unremarkably those from poor communities, who have been tricked into taking debts that they cannot afford to repay. They also include those women from families and communities, which are minorities in a country,

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