Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Analysis of tables and recomendstion _graphs_ mean _varaince _ST Essay

Analysis of tables and recomendstion _graphs_ mean _varaince _ST - Essay Examplereport, therefore, recommends that the municipality should focus its resources on the lands and housing sector, free toll and helpdesk channels and its improving trend.Al Ain municipality is a local authority in Al Ain city whose roles includes provision of public utility services to the citys fellowship through its call centre. Application of descriptive statistics is therefore essential in understanding the municipalitys operations (Abu Dhabi 1 Mimmack, Manas and Meyer, 3-27).The descriptive statistics for reported cases, by channel, identifies an emergence in report from a mean of 282.75 of the first half of the family to a mean of 332.43 in the second half, an indication of increased activity in the call center in the second period. The trend is associated with increase in standard deviation. The sector analysis, on the other hand, shows that most of the reported cases in the family 2011 were comp laints with inquiries forming the least of reported cases.The pie chart for the number of cases reported between January and July identifies free toll and helpdesk as the majorly used channels. The same trend is observed in the second half of the year. Distribution of cases by sector, on the other hand, identifies housing and lands with the highest number of cases with nurture cases forming the highest correspondents. The charts for distribution of cases by sectors per month also identify information as the major contributor to the municipal reported cases. While the average response duration decreases with time, the average number of assigned cases increases with time across the year 2011.Analysis of the data shows that the municipal is effective in pursuing its role that includes provision of support to development initiatives. Lands, and housing sector, free toll, and help desk channels atomic number 18 the most active sections. The descriptive statistics also shows higher repo rted cases in the second half of the year than in the first half. The charts further

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