Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Elaborate on your work experience as a math tutor Personal Statement

Elaborate on your work experience as a math tutor - Personal Statement Example I remember the time when I tutored a 9th grade girl who always had bad experiences with Math. As a tutor, I learned that aside from helping students deal with Math, it is essential that a tutor should also give encouragement. Based from experience, this student was afraid of Math because she was not confident of her answers and that she feared making mistakes. I encouraged this student by encouraging her to exert some efforts to understand the problem and take one small step at a time. By boosting her confidence and telling her that she could do it, I actually changed her self-concept from being pessimistic to an optimistic in terms of developing a ‘can do’ attitude, especially in solving math problems. I have been tutoring for four years and I teach 2nd grade through PreCalculus. I would like to continue being a Math tutor because I want to help children in need. I would like also to help other people who want to succeed in life. My ambitions of why I would still remain as a Math tutor are not to make money but to pursue higher education to expand the pool of people I could help and thereby be a contributing member of the academe and community for

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