Sunday, November 3, 2019

Recruitment Case Study Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Recruitment Case Study Analysis - Essay Example In this regard, the public sector human resource department needs to be competitive and responsible prior to service delivery. Talent Seek has successfully taken the role of conducting recruitment for the public service in Australia. Jenny Deakin, Business Analysts and other Business Analysis & Improvement team members in the company have identified statistical and cost concerns that need to be analyzed with regard to proper functioning and realization of the company’s objectives in a bid to put in place in place the most effective and efficient workforce for the public service. In order to do this, the company has to take into account all aspects of its recruitment procedures. This will enhance the undertaking of the improvements required in the recruitment process by Talent Seek. Statistical variables that need to be critically evaluated and assessed with regard to the recruitment process by the company are: optimal number of employees, business aspect of the company, size o f the public service and other clients to the company, knowledge and skill requirements for different job segments and labor force trends surrounding the company’s clientele environment. ... There are client-provider activities coordinating prior to the consideration of workforce profiles. Clients advertise unlimited employment positions but only a number are required. Labor statistics show that a lot of time is wasted in the hiring process (Rampersad 274). The Talent Seek should account for this loophole, and consequently advice their clients appropriately. It is noted that up to 80% of public service permanent positions are dealt with by the Talent Seek Company. The company’s business aspect is primarily based on its service base; recruitment and human resource undertakings. Optimal hiring requires effective time management. The company’s recruitment process can be improved through reducing time used in activity coordination between the company and the clients. Over and above this, the company appreciates the fact that the public service is a major client in its business. This and other clients need to be assessed and evaluated with regard to labor trends in the operating environment in order to put in place recruitment measures that meet the labor market demands. On the same note, job segments, knowledge and skill requirements and the underlying remuneration must be critically matched prior to the recruitment process if any improvements are to be noted. Cost analysis Human resource undertakings are an expensive affair. Hiring and firing of employees provides an added cost to the operations of hiring and firing company. On the same note, the hiring of employees by a company can be undertaken by a separate entity as it is the case with Talent Seek. The company recruits workforces for different clients in the labor market. In so doing, there are costs incurred by both the hiring company and the

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