Friday, September 13, 2019

The Ethical Code Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Ethical Code Letter - Essay Example However, there are some unethical practices amongst our outside sales personnel which are of great concern to the management of the organization. For example, our outside sales personnel are fond of receiving gifts from our customers. The management feels that this will compromise the efficiency in the manner in which these people are performing their work (Morgan, 27). Another issue is that the organization wants to increase diversity amongst its human resource personnel. This would include hiring personnel of different races, political orientation, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, and ethnic background. To guide the conduct of our employees based on the factors above their is a need of developing a code of ethics. This code of ethics gives an outline on the general standards of ethics that all the employees of the organization are supposed to follow. In as much as this code will not address or outline all the ethical issues that an employee might face during his or her employment, it is the greatest hope from the management that it will guide an employee in making an ethical decision on a day to day basis (Morgan, 33). Dear employees, the organization requires that all its employees comply with the necessary laws, and regulations that govern the state. This is very important for the welfare of the business organization and that of its employees. For example, when an employee of the organization engages in acts of robbery, then this is a clear violation of the law. On this note, the organization won’t have an option, but to dismiss the employee under consideration. The management of the organization knows that at certain occasions, employees might try to steal from it. However, it is important for the employees to follow the principles set up by consequentialism theory (Morgan, 27). Under these principles, the employee under consideration must ask himself or herself what would be the consequences of the actions under consideration when

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